Our Mission

The Onda Foundation believes that progress, growth, and sustainability is possible by supporting a community at its core — through its people. We help inspiring people, already doing good, do more…

We believe in taking risks and innovating. We support dedicated, game-changers within their respective causes in new and creative ways without reinventing the wheel.

We support organizations, municipalities and institutions who are encouraging significant change in their communities. We hope to drop some kindness to inspire others.

We are Onda — drops of kindness inspiring others.
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Our People

Roxanne Scully

The Onda Foundation was created to harness the philanthropic and creative energy of its founding donor, Roxanne Scully. Roxanne is driven by a desire to create and produce tangible results — results she sees firsthand by actively engaging in communities she cares deeply about.

Deb Lichtenfeld
Executive Director

Deb Lichtenfeld believes philanthropy, at it’s core, is about connecting people. She is at her best when merging the passions and vision of the Onda Foundation with the communities and organizations that need it most. Seeing projects and ideas come to fruition is what drives Deb to make ripples happen.

Onda Projects

Our areas of focus include, but are not limited to, health & wellness, mindfulness, empowerment, education, and access to healthy food, water & activities for marginalized communities. We support people and organizations in many locations but predominantly in Vermont, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Onda Chair

The Onda Foundation believes in making the benefits of massage available to those in our community who need it most. Given as a gift to employees around Chittenden County, the Onda Chair provides on-site, complimentary massage to help de-stress, relax and thank those among us who give of themselves day-in and day-out and would most likely not treat themselves to massage. The Onda team typically picks the locations for the chair to “pop up” but we are always open to learning about places you think would benefit from an Onda Chair visit. Please send us a note at info@ondafoundation.org if you’d like to nominate an organization and/or employees for this service.


Investing in great people is at the heart and soul of the Onda Foundation. Onda Grants are strategic and timely gifts awarded to help individuals who are determined to help themselves. Onda Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, with applications being accepted throughout the year. Grants can include, but are not limited to, covering costs for professional development opportunities, trainings and conferences. With a small infusion of capital and confidence, many grantees realize transformational growth in their professional and personal lives. For more information, email deb@ondafoundation.org

Our Grantees

The Onda Foundation is continuously inspired by the work of our grantees. We invite you to visit their sites and hear a few of their stories in their own words.

NGO & InstitutionAL GRantees

Onda Partnerships

Connection, Collaboration and Community are at the core of our partnerships. We seek out partner organizations that work to build a better community and are dedicated to moving the needle for everyone to thrive. Together we identify the needs and try to meet them.

Inspiring Partnership Stories

Onda Family Partners